Our Solution


The term "disability" has a broad meaning in today's workplace. IGC will help your leaders gain the confidence to effectively manage and support individuals with diverse abilities through:

• Workshops
• Webinars
• Forums
• Reading and video materials


Candidate sourcing takes time and effort. IGC lays the groundwork for your teams to build upon when creating strong hiring relationships with local disability groups by providing:

• Job description evaluations & revisions
• Weekly distribution of your job postings to our local partners (job coaches, school programs, advocacy groups, etc.)


The candidates are now employees; it's time to implement management practices aimed at retention. IGC provides:

• Same-day live coaching calls
• Management transition toolkit
• Accommodation resource library
• Executive consulting to scale integrated employment across the enterprise

About Us

In a fast-paced world, businesses are looking to maximize efficiency. IGC delivers a meaningful solution to staffing needs that will positively impact the team, therefore, the overall business' success.

Our Promise

Our Vision

Our Mission


Amanda and Sarah met while earning their MBAs at Georgia Tech. Sarah was passionate about disability in the workplace, focusing on the big idea, while Amanda excelled in discovery and building informed solutions. Both eager to use their degrees and skillsets for a greater good by providing meaningful solutions to staffing needs and employment gaps in the disabled community.In their final semester of business school, Amanda and Sarah ran a successful pilot, placing a long-term employee from the Autism community in a high-churn position at a local Atlanta restaurant. Subsequently, they graduated and have been expanding their solution to the broader service industry ever since.